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Software Develpoment

VAS E-Tech are experts in rapid custom development of web-based, distributed and standalone applications designed to meet your organization's specific requirements and business needs. We follow proven practices that allow for successful project completion.We have experience with working with broad range of customers.

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Web Development

Web based solutions and applications that give you a competetive advantage in the market, solutions that are highly scalable, maintainable and flexible.

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VAS targets aspiring entrepreneurs who want to create their own multi level e-commerce portal for their distribution needs in the field of travel, recharge and utility services. We are specialized to fulfill the needs of several business models.

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Mobile Application

VAS E-Tech provides state of the art website design, development and support services. Our accomplished web designers and developers create various websites from booklet sites to multi-functional web portals.

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Bulk SMS/E-Mail Services

Integrio possesses unique expertise in developing enterprise-level solutions utilizing text messaging (SMS), GPS and bordering technologies. We produced applications for cell phones, GPRS modems, kiosks and have integrated with wireless operators and gateways.

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Kiosk & ATM Machine

Interactive self service solutions technology is the mega trend in customer service for the 21st century wherever customer service is crucial, KIOSK Technology is on the rise.Kiosk installations are growing at a rate of at least 35% per annum in INDIA and are set to rise further and faster every year.Bank offer their customer's even more sophisticated service by Kiosk. And many industies like Credit Co-Operative Society, Fast Food Service ,Recharge,etc.. apply kiosk every day.

Why Kiosk

No other technology can help you achive a more dramatic change in the way you interact with your customer, allowing you to deliver individualized messages and servives where and whenever they want it.While actually saving cost and increasing revenues. Business are under intense pressure to reduce cost,while also supporting revenues generating activities improving the customer service and delivering operational efficiencies. To deliver these requirments they need to meet the changing need of their customers and all this can be achieved simply through one neat Kiosk solution.

Kiosk Solution

Vas E-Tech Solution builds good kiosk solution for customer because good kiosk design should involve thinking about customer behavior and how they want to use technology. Kiosk design can be very subjective and we at Vas e-tech solution understand that in this area significant step change in our kiosk design process and product . In a few words we say that:-

  • Good kiosk design is innovative.

  • Good Kiosk makes a product useful.

  • Good Kiosk is aesthetic of customer product.

  • Good kiosk makes a product understandable.

  • Good kiosk is long lasting of customer product.